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This sport is truly accessible to the whole family. But that’s not to say it’s not dramatic! From gliding across the surface of the wake, smoothly enjoying the rush of the water flow to the likes of feeling like you’re on a water filled bouncy castle being propelled across the ocean! The sole goal of our expert drivers is to ensure your time on the water is safe and fun filled, so during a brief chat, prior to departing the speed of the ride can be determined according to your confidence level. We’ll teach you basic hand signals that will enable you to communicate with the driver, to slow down or speed up… as you feel comfortable. Tubing is a guaranteed to generator the deepest of “belly laughs” and the inevitable excited chatter as riders, young and old, recount their rides and wipeouts upon their return to our kiosk, is a testament to the pure enjoyment everyone experiences. Don’t spectate, PARTICIPATE!

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